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[PS5] 3.20 got released !

9th Jun 2021 11:52

✅ PS5 update got released by Sony today !

[PS3] 4.88 got released !

1st Jun 2021 13:05

✅ PS3 update got released by Sony today !

[PS4] PS4 Explorer updated to 1.32

8th May 2021 21:48

✅ The homebrew PS4 Explorer has been updated to the version 1.32 and fix some bugs

[PS3] Ultimate Toolbox v2.00

8th May 2021 18:26

✅ Ultimate Toolbox is updated to the version 2.00

[PS3] ManaGunz v1.39 available

8th May 2021 18:25

✅ The homebrew ManaGunz has been updated to the version 1.39.

[PS5] PS5 Update 3.10 is released !

27th Apr 2021 11:15

✅ An update for the PS5 has been released by Sony !

[PS4] DEX on 7.55 with ReSys - Hybrid Flasher

22nd Apr 2021 13:56

✅ LightningMods has released an hybrid firmware that allow us to install games update without HEN or an exploit, your console will be on DEX and the debug settings will be permanent. To use it, install PS4 HB Store and install RESYS.

[PS4] A fix for the CMOS battery issue

16th Apr 2021 10:51

✅ If you have the error (CE-30391-6) it's probably because the CMOS battery of your PS4 is dead. The only way to fix this is to activate GoldHen which mean that the fix require you to have a jailbroken PS4.

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