[PS4] [7.55] Payloads ported & SpecterDev streams

15th Jan 2021

Things are in progress now in the scene since the release of the 7.55 kernel exploit by TheFl0w earlier this week.


Developer AlAzif has released some payload for firmware 7.55 that will be usefull when we will have an implementation of the 7.55 kernel exploit and webkit in the near future. You can download them and keep them on your PC and wait a few days/weeks.

Download : here



Developer SpecterDev is currently working on stream porting the new exploit to the 5.05 firmware and then will go upper (6.72 / 7.02 and finally 7.55). As you may know this will takes time but at the end we will have something great and everyone will enjoy it !

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