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7.55 Jailbreak is now available !

[PS4] 7.55 Jailbreak is now available ! More informations

[PS4] 7.55 Jailbreak is now available !

13th Jan 2021

Developer TheFlow0 has once again release an exploit for the PS4 and this time this is for the PS4 on firmware 7.55, the last time is was for 7.02.

This firmware has been released on august 2020 and the 8.00 only came in october 2020 so we will have a lots of new games and update and almost every new game since there are only a few games that has been released on firmware 8.0X. Now what we need is a full jailbreak that include the implementation of the webkit exploit and the kernel exploit, this might takes a few days but be patient, the scene will be reviving and a lots of people will have access to PS4 jailbreak.


We will keep you updated on our group : here

If you need to download the update 7.55 check here

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