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7.55 Jailbreak is now available !

[PS4] 7.55 Jailbreak is now available ! More informations

PS Jailbreak Infos - Official website - PS4 HEN 7.02 Tutorial

In this tutorial you will be able to activate HEN and install FPKG games on your PS4 system on 7.02. It's also a method to install homebrew since they are in .pkg too.

Need help ? Ask here.

1) Turn on your PS4 7.02, go to the web browser then go to this (URL). Click on "HEN v2.1.3" like in the picture then you need to wait for the message "Welcome to PS4HEN v2.1.3".

PS: If you have a message "Not enough free memory" just retry or restart the console.

PS4 HEN v2.1.3

Loading PS4 Exploit

Exploit is ok

Launching PS4 Payload

Welcome message of PS4HEN

2) If you have this message close the web browser then go to :

  1. Settings
  2. Debug Settings
  3. Games
  4. Package Installer
PS4 7.02 UI Menu

PS4 7.02 Debug Settings

PS4 7.02 Debug Settings Menu

PS4 7.02 Install FPKG

3) It will show all the games in PKG that you have on the root of your hard drive. Select the one that you want to install.

Reminder :

  1. Your Hard Drive
    1. *.PKG
Install FPKG

Installing 7.02 PS4 FPKG

4) Go to the main menu and enjoy !

PS4 7.02 UI menu FPKG

Video :



Some informations about the website

This website is a part of the page psjailbreakinfos and have a Facebook group here that you can join for free.

The main goal of this website is to talk about jailbreaking for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, you can find an F.A.Q about the current jailbreak of these two console here for the PS5 and here for the PS4.

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